Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annotated Bibliography

Derek Green, Puerto Rican Americans

This a great source, it provides so much information. This is truly an ideal scholarly source. It provides information about everything such as its history, modern era, immigration waves, early mainlanders etc.

Edgardo Melendez Velez, The Puerto Rican Journey revisited: Politics and the study of PuertoRican migration

This source is about the Puerto Rican struggle assimilating into the United States, it argues political goals are more important than scholarly ones in launching this project.

These two sources are perfect for my research paper because I have information about PuertoRicos past and current events and also have information of what my argument is going to be about how PuertoRicans were treated when we migrated to the United States.

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  1. Ok, good start - as you add more sources, try to be very specific: who are the players and what policies on both sides led to immigration, what factors shaped the treatment of immigrants, and how did immigrants respond to their new situation in the U.S.