Thursday, December 2, 2010

outline to presentation

- How will you begin, in order to catch our attention and introduce us to your topic?
I plan on using alot of images and doing a power point.

- What is the central argument you make in your essay and how will you present it to us?
That imperialism leads to failure of an economy because at the end of the day the country that is imperializing is taking from the less fortunate country and looking out for their own interests.`

- What are a few key pieces of evidence that support your argument, and how will you describe and present them?
my main evidence is showing the discrimination Puerto Ricans faced and how Americans judged them and publicly humiliated them in News Papers. I have also heard there were advertisements and posters promoting the birth control Puerto Rican woman had to take which was unsafe so they were messing with them genetically as well treating them like lab rats.

- What is your visual element, and how will you work it into your presentation? Remember that you'll want to do more than just show us something - you want to talk about what it shows us.
I want to show the article from the NewYork Times and try to find the advertisments on the birthcontrol and maybe some pictures of the bario and how they lived before and then the low class neighborhoods they moved into.

- What do you think makes for an effective oral presentation? What makes you want to listen? What can you do to achieve these qualities?
Making the information interesting and getting alot of pictures and evidence to back it up. I can spend alot of time working on my presentation to make sure it is the full time limit and is engaging to the listeners.