Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am interested in Puertoricos relationship with the U.S. because its my homeland, I was born there but feel I should know much more about its history then I do, especially being I am a native. I would love to learn about its history and more about the culture. When Spain and United States were in a war, Spain gave Puertorico to the United States as a possession, this is how it became a common wealth, which it still remains today. When I searched wikipedia, it provided allot of information for me, some useful like about Puertoricos history and their economic situation. It also had things about the sports there and famous people that came from Puertorico, this information I wont be using. I would like learn more information on Puertoricos current status. Something I read and I am interested knowing more about is how after WWII the mayor of New York said he welcomed all Puertoricans ready to work. I would like to research this more and put this in my paper, it stands out to me because learning about other immigrants and how they were not excepted and it being a struggle for them to become apart of the melting pot. I wonder if even though Puertorico is a common wealth did the people have a hard time adjusting in the states at first. I would like to focus my paper around the time period where Puertorico first became apart of the U.S. but I plan on giving information about it's history with Spain. By the time I'm finished with this paper I want to have a full understanding of Puertoricos political, cultural, economical views and where they stand oppose to the U.S.'s.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Visitor

A moving story that grasps the position of a immigrant coming from their home land to the U.S. is "Lucy" by Jamaica Kincaid. It was about a young girl immigrating  from a West Indian country.  Lucy came to the U.S. to have more opportunities than back at home. She stayed with a family, went to school and was a part time nanny for the kids she lived with.  She tells about her hard time getting used to the United States because it was so different from her homeland. She had a problem dealing with the fact that she was deceived of the thought of America and realized it was just a fantasy. In this story you can see how the different cultures make it extremely difficult for Lucy to feel comfortable and actually enjoy her new life. Through this story Kincaid shows that starting a new life is difficult leaving all that you know for all that you don't know. Lucy was eager to have a new home and better chances of having a great life but when she gets there she realizes how making that change wasn't easy and really expresses emotions through out her transition.
When Lucy came to the United States she realized the technology here was much more advanced than back at home. She tells of her first time being in an elevator and being able to have a refrigerator. These were things she liked about this new place, she was also going to discover different things. She speaks about feeling the winter air for the first time “The sun was shining but the air was cold. It was the middle of January, after all. But I did not know that the sun could shine and the air remain cold; no one had ever told me”(pg 5). These seem to be small changes in her environment but to her they were first time experiences that meant she was not home anymore.  In these 2 examples alone we see an immigrants perspective much differently then ours. The fact that things we take for granted such as an elevator or refrigerator are things she was amazed by. This shows where Lucy came from was not where she wanted to stay, even though she would be going through a big change and some difficulties adjusting.
Lucy felt fooled when she first arrived to the city, before she had made this journey she dreamed of it to be amazing and something out the ordinary. Her thoughts on her way from the airport to her new home were “Now that I saw these places, they looked ordinary, dirty, worn down by so many people entering and leaving them in real life, and it occurred to me that I could not be the only person in the world for whom they were a fixture of fantasy”(pg 4). Kincaid sets the tone right in there in the beginning of the story, she gives you a visual and emotional window through the eyes of Lucy.
Kincaid makes it easy to see that Lucy feels alone in her new home. She admits to being unhappy and missing people at home, even people she didn't think shed miss or wasn't too fond of, just people she was used to. Even though she was in a house with people who wanted to get close with her it was hard to find common ground. She tells of many differences, such as tastes in music, the way children are brought up, how easy the weather alone could effect Mariah's attitude. These differences made it almost impossible for them to act as a family or for Lucy to feel that way, They felt she acted like a visitor, so they called her one.
The last thing in this reading Lucy brings up is letters between her and her mother speaking about how dangerous it was in the city and how there was a different kind of dangerous in the West Indies, this idea of trading in the known for the unknown is what she was going through. She says “In this great world, why should my life be reduced to these two possibilities?”(pg 21).  I believe this was Lucy's realization that either way she would be struggling. She knows home will always have sentimental value but she had made herself a new home. Kincaid tells a story of struggle in a new place, she breaks down and helps you understand an immigrant's point of view.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Choose Exile

I agree with Richard Wright when he says "It was only in America where so much freedom is lacking that one hears long and impassioned arguments about freedom. It is like listening to a starving man tells of his need for food." If you think of America you almost automatically think of "the land of the free" but I honestly am not sure if that nickname suits us. Of course we are free and lucky compared to some people around the world; I believe it’s all about opinion. People have different definitions of being free. In the dictionary if you look up the word free it will say something like "personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery". There are many secrets the government keeps from us so then again how can we be free and come together as a nationalistic country with so many secrets? How can we be free with secrets period? In my opinion we are slaves to the government so technically not free. However I would rather live in the United States than a lot of other places. We talk about freedom because that’s what our country and I believe every country should strive for and I believe we have come along way.  Maybe someday I will feel completely free in my country as other people from different places feel when they come here because it is more liberal than others. But As of now I and Richard Wright are on the same page.